How to Select And Buy High Quality Enamel Frit

The excellent properties of enamel products make it suitable for a variety of industries. Enamel frit is the raw material for the enamel layer on the surface of enamelware and is the key to determining the performance of enamel products. However, there are many brands of enamel frit on the market, and the enamel factories don’t understand the principle of enamel frit. What kind of standards should be used to purchase high-quality enamel frit? Today, enamel materials company from China will share with you the tips for purchasing enamel frit.

Nolifrit enamel frit

Many enamel factories stubbornly believe that imported enamel frit brands must be better than domestic ones. In fact, this idea is too one-sided. For the current domestic enamel frit industry, due to the fierce competition environment, enamel material manufacturers know that only high-quality enamel frit and glaze products can enable enterprises to survive, and only a complete service system can hold the favor of customers, so the quality of domestic enamel materials is not inferior to foreign brands, and if we choose domestic enamel frit and glaze, the after-sales will be much better than foreign brands.

When enamel factories buy enamel frit, don’t blindly pay attention to the price of enamel frit. After all, there is a certain reason why the saying "cheapest is the dearest" has been spread so far, and enamel frit is not like a general finished product. After purchasing the steel plate enamel frit that the quality is not good enough for the production, the subsequent quality problems will need to be tested and adjusted again. This is a waste of money and time.

The above are some tips on how to purchase high quality enamel frit and glaze that Nolifrit has summarized based on more than 20 years of experience. If you want to know more industry information or cooperate with Nolifrit, you can contact +8613574208778 (Jack Wang, Nolifrit CEO ), and follow the same number on WeChat. Nolifrit will reply you as soon as possible.