How to Reach Good Effect For Porcelain Enamel

Enamel glaze is the raw material for making enamel. It is one of the keys to the quality of enamel products. The various properties of enamel are inseparable from enamel glaze. Common ones include acid-resistant enamel, self-cleaning enamel, and direct-on black enamel. Some customers are make bad effect after receiving the enamel glaze, and there are enamel defects such as cracks and bubbles. Why are they facing bad effect when they use the enamel glaze? In this article, the enamel glaze manufacturer tells you how to use it to reach good results.

Enamel glaze is a kind of inorganic glass material. After the enamel manufacturer gets the enamel glaze, it needs to be grinded before it can be put into production. Therefore, the grinding step is very important. The grinding materials added during the grinding process will also have a greater impact on the subsequent effects of enamel. For example, adding clay can enhance the suspension of enamel particles and increase the strength of the powder; adding urea can enhance the powder layer of enamel Strength, prevent cracking of the powder body and so on. If you fail to add suitable grinding additives during grinding, the natural use effect of the enamel glaze will be greatly reduced.

The use effect of enamel glaze is also related to the firing temperature of the enamel firing furnace. The firing temperature of different enamel glazes is somewhat different. For example, the firing temperature of enamel ground coat and cover coat are quite different. Some novice manufacturers During firing, the technicians did not adjust the temperature according to the different types of enamel, which caused the firing temperature and the required temperature of the enamel to be different, which would lead to burning or burning, and resulting in defects in enamel products.

There are hundreds of enamel processes. Operation errors in any process may cause poor enamel glaze effects. You can consult the technicians of the enamel frit manufacturer in the process of using enamel glaze. It is best to conduct proofing and record first. Proofing steps and various parameters. When the finished product meets the requirements, mass production can be carried out according to the proofing data, which can avoid many step errors and waste of materials.

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