How to Prepare Ready to Use Enamel Powder

Ready-to-use enamel powder are basically mixed by several kinds of enamel frits and milling additives after ball milling. It mainly contains frits, clay, electrolytes, refractors and pigments. Ready-to use enamel powder can be divided into two types.

Complete Ready-to use enamel powder: The grinding process for this enamel powder is completely finished. It can be used just by stirring in a mixer.

1. Put sufficient amount of water into the mixing vessel. The mixer with a high shear force is recommended.

2. Add ready-to-use enamel powder gradually into the mixing vessel until the demanded enamel density is reached. Baume can be used instead of a vessel with fix volume, since it is easier to operate.
3. Stir or ball mill for 10 - 15 minutes. If submersion enamel is going to be used, mixing for overnight is recommended to achieve the enamel stability.

4. Sieved the prepared enamel slurry by a 80 mesh sieve and then it becomes ready to use.

Partial Ready-to-use enamel powder: The grinding process of this enamel powder is partially completed. This enamel powder should be grinded by the user in a mill up to the demanded fineness.


1,Put enamel powder into a mill.

2,Add sufficient amount of water into the mill.

3,Grind the enamel powder up to the demanded fineness.

4,Discharge the enamel slurry and after adjusting its suspension feature, the enamel powder is ready to use.

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