How to Customize Cast Iron Enamel Frit

Recently, Nolifrit cast iron enamel frit manufacturer received a customer’s inquiry to make cast iron enamel products, and wanted to buy a little cast iron glaze for testing. When understanding the customer’s needs, Nolifrit customer service found a detail that the customer wanted to make colored cast iron enamel. However, during the communication process, the customer only proposed that the cast iron glaze was required for testing, and did not indicate the need for colored cast iron enamel glaze. If the enamel glaze manufacturer directly arranges to send samples, the product may not meet the customer’s needs. In this regard, the cast iron enamel glaze manufacturers will talk about how to customize the enamel glaze.

Nolifrit Cast Iron Enamel

 First of all, when the cast iron enamel frit manufacturer receives an inquiry, it first understands the detailed needs of the customer. Cast iron enamel frit is divided into cast iron ground coat, cast iron cover coat, and cast iron transparent frit. Their firing temperature and composition are different. Generally, cast iron enamel products such as cast iron hobs use cast iron black frit, while cast iron color pots , It is necessary to use bottom glaze and top glaze or even base glaze.

Secondly, for colored cast iron enamel products, you can first understand what color the customer needs to make, whether they have made the same or similar colors before, and allow customers to provide physical pictures or even send samples to the cast iron enamel glaze manufacturers for comparison, because the photos taken The color may be different from the actual color. If it is a regular color, then pigment and base glaze can be used for blending, so that the color required by the customer can be achieved. There are also some conventional colored glazes for cast iron enamel glaze, such as brown, blue, green and purple in the Majolica series. If the color can be directly blended with the Majolica enamel frit, you can arrange to send samples directly to the customer.

Majolica enamel frit

 Finally, if the customer’s color is a very rare color, then it is necessary to let the technicians of the cast iron enamel glaze manufacturer to adjust the color. The deployment of this color requires rich experience and superb technology to achieve, like some very advanced purples abroad Tune has not yet been conquered by the country.

Creating differentiation can make products go further in the industry. Today, when the homogeneity of products is serious, making special features is a good way out. Therefore, when customers need to customize the color of enamel products, cast iron enamel glaze manufacturers can give customers Very complete technical support and solutions to help customers better create unique products.