How to Choose Enamel Materials For Panels?

Enamel building wall panels are widely used in subway stations, tunnels, underground pedestrian passages, airports, railway stations and other fields because of their bright colors, non-burning, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, modular structure, easy loading and unloading, and low maintenance costs. Excellent building wallboard performance is inseparable from enamel frit raw materials. In this article, Nolifrit will talk about how to choose enamel glaze raw materials for building wallboards.

enamel panels in subway station

There are relatively few domestic enamel frit raw material manufacturers, which belong to sub-sectors. Among them, the technology is more mature and the performance of enamel is relatively stable. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the technical strength of the manufacturer and the technical production of enamel when choosing enamel and glaze raw materials. Except for the influence of formula and equipment, the experience of technicians also accounts for a large proportion. Experienced technicians can ensure stable product performance, and the produced glaze can reduce enamel defects during actual application.

 Secondly, enamel building wall panels are generally used in labor-intensive places. Safety is very important, and the physical environment of underground space is harsh and corrosive to enamel panels. Therefore, from a safety point of view, enamel wall panels should be able to prevent disasters from fire. Spread performance. In addition, this kind of environment is relatively humid, dusty, and noisy. Therefore, the enamel board needs to be non-combustible, easy to clean, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistant, and anti-glare. The above product characteristics have higher requirements for the raw materials of enamel glaze. You need to understand the relevant properties of enamel when choosing. Not all enamels can meet these requirements. You need to communicate clearly with the enamel material manufacturer when purchasing.

 Finally, when choosing enamel raw materials, you need to pay attention not to price as the first decision condition. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Many people pay too much attention to the price when purchasing. This may lead to the purchase price meets the requirements but the value is not A enamel that can meet the standard. Any product has different grades. If the salesperson's price is significantly lower than the average price in the industry when you make an inquiry, then you will have to weigh it down. With the gradual transparency of market information, in many cases everyone can know the approximate price range. It is obviously abnormal that the price is far below the normal price.

In general, when choosing raw materials for architecture panel enamel frit, you need to understand the manufacturer's production strength, product quality and not price as the first determining condition, so that you can better find the enamel glaze raw material factory when purchasing. For manufacturers that are more suitable in all aspects, you can apply for some samples for testing first, and then get the goods in batches after the tested products are qualified.