How to choose enamel frit for enamel manufacturers

As we all know, in enamel products, whether it is an enamel cast iron pot or a cast iron bathtub, the core technology is not the body, but the enamel technology, and the quality of the enamel frit directly determines the craft level of the enamel product. Today, I will talk about the classification of common enamel frits and how enamel manufacturers should choose according to their own needs.

1. Steel enamel ground coat

The ground coat is an enamel frit that is directly coated on the metal blank, which plays a decisive role in the quality and appearance of the enamel product. When choosing the ground coat, focus on its adhesion. Only a good adhesion enamel frit can be well combined with the metal body and the cover coat.

enamel frit

2. Steel enamel cover coat

The cover coat is an enamel enamel coated on the ground coat layer to meet the requirements of whiteness, gloss, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and water resistance of the enamel products, so that the enamel products have a smooth and beautiful appearance. Therefore, in addition to good physical and chemical properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, and heat resistance, the cover coat must also have good elasticity and abrasion resistance. The more common ones in our country are titanium cover coat and antimony cover coat.

3, Edge enamel

Edge enamel is enamel applied to the edge of enamel products. Due to the stress concentration on the edge, in order to prevent edge burst, proper expansion coefficient and elasticity are very important in the selection of edge enamel.

4, decorative enamel

Decorative enamel is used to decorate the surface color. Decorative enamel needs to have stable color tone (not easy to fade), strong covering ability and stability, so that the appearance of enamel products is bright and beautiful.

The above are several common enamel frits. It is worth mentioning that with the national environmental protection needs and the development of the enamel industry, enamel pre-grinding powder and enamel electrostatic dry powder are gradually popularized, which can greatly save enterprise costs and improve efficiency. Nolifrit is a domestic professional manufacturer of enamels frit and inorganic pigments. It provides customers with one-stop service. If you have related needs, please leave a message or call!