How to Choose Enamel Frit for Enamel Cookware

When purchasing enamel frits, daily enamel factories usually consider two questions: First, is the price of the frits appropriate? For daily enamel manufacturers, high-quality enamel frit is good, but many cutting-edge products are also very expensive and not the first choice; second, how is the quality of the frit? Is it suitable for the needs of your own product? In today's fierce product competition, enamel manufacturers want to continuously break through the market share and seize the market to increase sales, they need to make differentiated products to win the minds of users.

In July, a domestic enamel manufacturer contacted us because they couldn't find a suitable frit for a long time. The factory has an enamel cup. The frit purchased before is cheap but the quality is not good, and there are often enamel defects such as boiling. The problem is that I want to find a more cost-effective enamel frit.

After receiving the consultation, the Nolifrit technical team decided to go to the customer's factory to customize alternative solutions according to the customer's products, and tested samples on the spot. The products made by the new solution have beautiful porcelain surfaces, no defects, and moderate prices , Compared with foreign high-end brand frits, it is more cost-effective. It is indeed a more suitable frit for enamel factories. Customers are very confident in Nolifrit. Edge frit for enamel cups.

If an enamel product wants to stand out in the market competition of daily enamel, in addition to the smooth and delicate surface of the porcelain, beautiful colors and patterns are also essential. In today's rich materials, the product also needs to have a dazzling array of items on the shelves. Ability to attract customers at first sight. Through this visit, the Nolifrit team also recommended milky white, pure white and other colored enamel pigments for this enamel cup, which can better stimulate the potential demand of consumers from the appearance.

At a time when market demand is suppressed, cost control is an important factor that enamel factories need to consider. An enamel frit with a suitable price and excellent performance is the first choice. If there are thoughtful supporting services, it can help the brand to improve.