How to Choose Black Oxide Manufacturer

Black oxide is a common inorganic pigment. Due to its different chemical composition and production process, the black oxide by each manufacturer may have different color renderings. In the high-temperature coating industry, cobalt black, copper chrome black, and cobalt blue are commonly used Inorganic pigments, how does the high-temperature coating industry choose black oxide manufacturers?

How to Choose Black Oxide Manufacturer

The pigments required for powder coatings must not chemically react with resins, curing agents, additives and other components during the melt extrusion process or baking curing process. At the same time, it also requires good coloring power and hiding power, which can reduce the amount of pigments to reduce costs, and there are certain requirements for the dispersibility of inorganic pigments. The dispersibility should be good, so that it is easy to disperse evenly when manufacturing coatings. Based on the above aspects, when choosing a black oxide manufacturer, we must first understand the black oxide performance of its production. The pros and cons of product performance is a very important aspect. 

Secondly, everyone needs to pay attention to their production strength when choosing black oxide manufacturers, because coatings have high requirements for black oxide production, and a certain technical strength can produce high-temperature resistant pigments that meet the requirements. Otherwise, the pigment hiding power and dispersibility will be relatively poor, which wastes both materials and manpower and material resources.

Finally, when choosing a black oxide manufacturer, you can learn about their reputation through multiple channels. Understanding the reputation of inorganic pigment manufacturers can not only understand their previous customer reviews and product quality, but also understand their services. The service of some small domestic manufacturers is not perfect. They cannot get timely responses during the procurement process. They also don’t have professionals to provide technical support when they encounter technical problems. This makes many people very annoyed after the cooperation. The reputation of pigment suppliers can avoid problems in time and make cooperation smoother.

The above is the content of how to choose black oxide manufacturers in the high-temperature coating industry. I hope it will be helpful to the coating industry when choosing pigment manufacturers. For more inorganic pigment knowledge, please pay attention to us. Nolifrit has 26 years of experience related to enamel frit and inorganic pigments, we can provide customers with one-stop solutions.