How to Care for Your Enamelware

Renowned for its versatility, enamel cookware is a practical and timeless tradition that has been made for centuries using traditional methods. A high quality porcelain enamel dish can last a lifetime and become a family heirloom, if properly taken care of. Unfortunately, just like any other tool in the kitchen, it can become worn over the years when exposed to high heat and corrosive substances. Caring for your enamelware is simple.

Be kind to your enamelware.

The first thing to remember is never use steel wool or abrasive brushes to clean your enamelware. This can scratch the protective porcelain enamel layer of the dish. Opt for soft sponges and use wooden or rubber utensils instead of ones with sharp metal edges while cooking or serving food from your enamelware.

Avoid using harsh chemicals.

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to don the elbow-length rubber gloves to brighten up your trusted collection of enamel dishes. You can lift even the most stubborn stains with basic household ingredients and minimal effort. A combination of lemon juice and baking soda can be an easy non-toxic alternative to using heavy-duty cleaning products and harsh chemicals.

Never use in a microwave.

Enamelware is made of heavy steel and porcelain that can withstand high temperatures on an open flame, a stovetop or in the oven. However, steel will create dangerous arcs of electricity when used in a microwave. This could permanently damage your microwave or even — in the worst case scenario — start a fire in your home.

Handle with care.

Enameled iron is incredibly strong, but the porcelain enamel top coat will chip if handled too roughly or dropped onto hard surfaces — revealing the metal frame underneath. Rust may form on the exposed metal, but can be easily removed with a simple treatment of baking soda and lemon paste. Remember, it is still safe to eat from your enamelware dishes even if the metal underneath the porcelain is exposed.

Hand-wash your enamelware.

All of our enamelware products are dishwasher safe. However, it’s best to avoid putting your enamelware through the dishwasher whenever possible. Detergents and stain removers may be quick and convenient, but over time they will reduce the luster and shine of your enamel pieces.  Use strong abrasives and cleaners only as a last resort to keep your collection looking like new.

Don’t forget to dry!

Tempting as it may be to use the ever-popular “air drying technique,” allowing water to evaporate on your favorite set of enamelware dishes can cause pesky hard water stains to form and may create more work in the long run. Stacking wet enamelware can cause the dishes to stick together and can become difficult to separate without risk of scratching or scuffing the porcelain top coating.

Enjoy your new favorite kitchenware.

All of our enamelware is made to withstand years of daily use. Once you add enamelware to your collection, you’ll never want to use anything else! And with the proper care, your dishes will look like new for generations to come.