How Much Do You Know About Enamel Bolted Tank

Anyone who is engaged in sewage treatment, chemical industry, food fermentation, enamel industry, etc. must have heard of enamel bolted tanks, which are usually used to store or transport various liquid and solid materials. Here are a few things you have to know about enamel bolted tank:

Knowledge point 1: The shape of the bolted tank

The enamel bolted tank is mainly composed of enamel steel plates, self-locking bolts and sealants, and the main component is enamel bolted steel plates. The enamel bolted steel plate is a double-sided double-layer enamel for the enamel special steel plate. The enamel surface is smooth and moist. The standard color is green or blue, which is bright and bright. It can also be customized by adding different enamel pigments.

Knowledge point 2: stable quality, strong corrosion resistance

The enamel assembly board has a high degree of standardization and stable quality. The thickness of the steel plate used for the enamel assembly tank can reach 12mm, the two sides of the steel plate are enamel, and the thickness of the porcelain layer is 150~300μm, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Knowledge point 3: Short installation cycle

Enamel bolted panels are produced and processed in the factory, packaged and shipped to the construction site for assembly. The assembly board is connected by bolts, and the assembly gap is sealed with sealant. Workers first install the top plate of the tank on the ground, and then use a special tool to lift it to the height of one layer of plate, and then install the second circle of plates, and this operation is repeated until the tank body is installed. From start to finish, workers only need to operate on the ground, simple and safe. The installation process is less affected by the weather, and the installation cycle is easy to control.

Knowledge point 4: scalability and migration

The enamel bolted tank is made up of standard enamel bolted panels with bolts, and the tank can be expanded, dismantled, relocated or reassembled at any time after completion and operation.