How Does Ready to Use Enamel Powder Work?

Ready-to-use enamel powder are basically mixtures prepared with mill formula containing frits, clay, sodium nitrite, borax, quartz and pigments. Enamel becomes ready by a simple mixture performed by user.
How does Ready to use enamel powder work? Nolifrit will show to you now:

Step 1, Putting a certain amount of RTU enamel powder into the mixer.

Step 2, Pouring water into the mixer on a proportional formula.

Step 3 : Let the Mixer work fully until it reach the right consistency.

Step 4 : RTU enamel powder prepared in this way can be applied by wet spraying or dipping.

Step 5 Firing at over 830

RTU enamel powder have the following advantages:

  • Mixed RTU is available for use immediately.
  • No need to prepare materials for milling.
  • No need for equipment maintenance of the mill system.
  • Save time and water in washing mills.
  • Save labor cost related to milling.
  • Ability to make the exact required quantity of enamel needed.
  • Prevents enamel from aging while in storage, etc.