Flow Coating of Enamel Coating

The operation of uniformly coating the enamel slurry or powder on the metal body after surface pretreatment is called enamelling. How the enamel manufacturer chooses the method of enamelling mainly depends on the type, shape, volume and quality of the enamel metal body. Generally speaking, the coating method can be divided into dry coating and wet coating. Today, we will explain the wet coating method-flow coating.

Flow enamel coating is a kind of wet coating. It is different from the dipping method. It does not completely immerse the metal blank in the enamel slurry, but hangs it on the drive chain. The enamel slurry flows from the conveying pipe to the blank. On the surface of the body to be enamel, the excess enamel slurry will flow back into the pump due to gravity, which can not only achieve the effect of uniform enamel, but also save costs without waste.

Flow coating is generally suitable for large-volume and single-variety products. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operations can be used. Fully automatic coating is also called automatic online coating. The specific process is as follows: We take the inner tank of a water heater as an example. The inner tank is hung on the conveyor chain and raised to the rotating station. The upper part of the inner tank is equipped with an optical eye recognition device, which can automatically position the inner tank. The diaphragm pump transports the enamel slurry to the long-barreled gun. The long-barreled gun retreats after injecting the enamel slurry into the liner. The liner will rotate within a certain range according to the program setting. Back to the feeding system. It can not only reduce labor, improve coating quality, but also produce workpieces of the same variety and different specifications, which is more adaptable.

The enamel used for flow coating is generally pre-milled powder prepared by the enamel frit manufacturer. Just add water to soak and stir and then you can use it. If bubbles appear after stirring, just let it stand for a while.