Features of Nolifrit Electrostatic Enamel Powder

The development of economy allows the society to make continuous progress, but the environmental problems brought about by the development process are very serious. At the same time, consumers' consumption concepts are gradually changing. The pursuit of product quality makes enterprises need to further improve the production process. In order to keep pace with the times and cater to the needs of consumers, enamel powder manufacturers have introduced electrostatic enamel powder. What are the features of Nolifirt enamel electrostatic powder?

Nolifrit Electrostatic Enamel Powder

1. Environmentally-friendly.

Electrostatic enamel powder from Nolifrit will not produce pollutants and harmful gases during the production process, and meet the national production requirements, and promote the development of the enamel industry in the direction of functional innovation, healthy and environmentally-friendly, and ecological applications.

2. Reduce enamel surface defects.

Electrostatic enamel powder is coated by electrostatic spraying. Its working principle is that the electrostatic spray gun adopts the principle of high voltage generation. Under the voltage of 70~100kV, the gun head forms a negatively charged electrostatic field. The workpiece to be sprayed is grounded and the workpiece is in the spray room. When passing through the spray gun, the spray gun begins to spray powder, and the positively charged workpiece and the negatively charged powder are attracted to form a powder coating, which improves the gloss of the enamel surface and reduces the defects of the enamel surface at the edge.

3. Reduce coating process.

Nolifrit electrostatic enamel powder can be used directly without grinding into enamel slurry, and the drying process after spraying is omitted.

4. Reduce production costs.

After deep processing of enamel frit into electrostatic enamel powder, the utilization rate of enamel material can be as high as 97%~98%. In today's increasing production cost, increasing the utilization rate of raw materials will reduce production costs and bring huge value to enterprise production. At the same time, it can use “two coat and one firing” process, no special decarburized steel plate is needed. Everyone knows that most of the cost of enamel products is spent on steel plate. Compared with ordinary steel plate, the price of enamel-specific decarburized steel plate is more expensive. The production of steel plates will directly reduce production costs.

Electrostatic Enamel Powder Coating

Electrostatic enamel powder has relatively high requirements for production technology. At present, there are not many factories that can produce with stable quality. Nolifrit has 26 years of experience in enamel frit and powder. The understanding of the industry and rich production experience make Nolifrit electrostatic enamel powder occupy a place in the market.