Features of Enamel Reactor

Enamel reactor is made of a thick iron tank coated with a high degree of enamel coating, which is firmly adhered to the surface of the metal iron by a special chemical corrosion enamel to form a smooth and clean lining layer, giving full play to both materials (metal and enamel). It’s widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, pesticide, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, food and other industries.

Enamel Reactor

The Features of Enamel Reactor:

1, Piezoelectric resistance: The glass-lined reaction pot has good insulation. When the glass-lined reaction pot is used to inspect the porcelain layer with a 20KV high-frequency electric spark within a specified thickness, the high-frequency electric spark cannot penetrate the porcelain layer.

2, Alkali resistance: The anti-corrosion effect of the glass-lined reaction pot on the alkaline solution is worse than that of the acid solution. However, the sample of our glass-lined reactor was etched in 1N sodium hydroxide solution, and the test temperature was 80 °C for 48 hours.

3, Acid resistance: good corrosion resistance to various organic acids, inorganic acids, organic solvents.

4, Impact resistance: The smaller the internal stress of the glass layer, the better the elasticity, the greater the hardness, and the higher the bending and compressive strength, the better the impact resistance.

Enamel Reactor

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