Facilities Required For Electrostatic Enamel Coati

Electrostatic dry powder spray enamel is a new enameling process developed in the 1970s. The method is as follows: the enamel powder is transported through the pipeline to the negatively charged high-voltage spray gun by compressed air, so that it is sprayed with a negative charge, and is adsorbed on the positively charged net blank to form a uniform ceramic powder layer, which is fired. After that, a product with fine secondary surface and good gloss can be obtained. Because it can use the process of spraying the base powder first, then spraying the flour, and finally co-firing, which shortens the process flow, greatly improves labor efficiency and saves energy.

If an enamel factory wants to develop an electrostatic dry powder production line, what equipment does it need to prepare?

1. Electrostatic high voltage generator

The electrostatic high voltage generator is used to generate high voltage, which is supplied to the spray gun to make the enamel powder particles negatively charged.

2. Spray gun

The spray gun makes the porcelain powder particles negatively charged and sprayed to form the desired pattern.

3. Powder feeder

The powder feeder is to supply the powder of the spray gun uniformly and quantitatively.

4. Enameling room

Different blasting chamber structures should be set up for blanks of different shapes.

5. Compressed air purification equipment

6. Grinding equipment

The grinding equipment can coat the ceramic powder particles with silane compounds.

7. Dust collection and recycling equipment

8. Blank transfer mechanism

To transfer the blanks to the spraying room for spraying, it needs to be continuously transported, smooth and without jitter, and the transmission speed and the speed of the spray gun movement are properly matched to achieve qualified products in the shortest time.