Excellent Properties of Enamel Frit For Sign

Various of signage can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, which can indicate the direction and location, and help people quickly find where they want to go in unfamiliar places. Outdoor signs have a relatively short service life due to exposure to the sun and rain. In order to prolong the service life of outdoor signs, sign manufacturers have found that the enamel layer on the surface of enamel signs can effectively extend their service life after a large number of experiments. So what are the excellent properties of enamel frit for sign ?

enamel sign

Due to the series of excellent properties of sign enamel frit , it greatly extend the service life of the sign. Its main advantages are:

1. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, and atmospheric corrosion resistance; the excellent acid and alkali resistance of enamel makes it maintain excellent stability without chemical reaction in the wind and rain.

2. Smooth and easy to clean; enamel signs are easy to squeeze dust and other stains outdoors. Its smooth and easy-to-clean characteristics make enamel signs easy to take care of.

3. Weather resistance, enamel has excellent weather resistance, so that the color of the sign is the same, it will not change color due to a long time, and the chemical performance is stable.

4. No decomposition, no precipitation, no emission of substances harmful to the human body, and safety to human health.

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