Energy-saving Measures For Gas Enamel Furnace

The energy-saving ways of gas stoves in enamel factories are as follows:

1. The radiant tube furnace should pay attention to the layout of the radiant tube, the installation position and height, the maximum angle coefficient that is conducive to radiation, and the uniform radiation heat transfer of the product, so that the upper and lower temperature differences tend to be consistent.

2. Increase the length of the preheating zone, use high-temperature flue gas to increase the furnace temperature of the enamel products, and improve the thermal efficiency to save energy.

3. Use high-quality thermal insulation materials. The radiant tube furnace can be lined with all-fiber cotton, and the muffle furnace can be a composite furnace wall.

4. Spray high-temperature energy-saving materials on the inner wall of the firing chamber to increase the blackness of the inner wall. According to the principle of heat radiation, the furnace wall with large blackness absorbs more heat, the temperature is easily increased, and the radiation and effective radiation of the furnace wall increase.

5. Improve the tightness of the furnace body, especially for muffle furnaces. The imperfect furnace body not only wastes energy, but also brings hidden dangers to production safety.

6. The automatic control system of the fuel proportional valve should be used to control the excess air coefficient to avoid waste of energy and loss of heat.

7. Use the waste heat of the flue gas to increase the temperature of the combustion air through the heat exchanger. Experience has shown that if the air is preheated to 200°C, the excess air volume can be reduced by 12% to 13%, the furnace temperature is significantly increased, and the emission of harmful gases is reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection.