Energy-Saving Measures For architectural Enamel

The building decoration enamel plate firing furnace adopts a light structure, and the furnace body composed of ceramic fiber cotton has the advantages of excellent heat insulation performance, light weight, fast heating, and sudden rise and drop of furnace temperature will not damage the furnace body. When the furnace is not in use, it can be turned off immediately. In today's energy shortage, this energy-saving firing furnace is very popular.

Since there is no other process after enamelling and drying, most architectural decorative enamel plates can be fired directly into the firing chamber by using a flat-panel tunnel furnace for baking and firing. Except for part of the roof of the firing chamber, the furnace body is wrapped in the drying furnace. Its advantage is that in addition to the heat overflow from the top of the high-temperature firing chamber, the heat overflowing from the entrance and exit of the firing chamber, and the heat from the product fired out of the furnace are all distributed in the drying chamber for drying, which improves the thermal efficiency. The product cools down slowly in the drying room to prevent rapid cooling deformation.

The firing chamber of the building flat furnace kiln is relatively high. In order to avoid excessive heat overflow in the firing part, multiple hot air curtains are installed at the exchange zone and the entrance and exit of the firing chamber to lock the air.

For the dry powder or wet powder electrostatic spraying process, the integrated baking and firing kiln cannot meet the requirements of different linear speeds for spraying and firing, and two transmission lines are required to adjust the speed separately. In order to make full use of the waste heat from the top of the firing chamber, the top of the furnace is also completely surrounded by the drying chamber. The left side of the firing chamber is the spraying drying line, and the right side is the firing product cooling line, commonly known as the large enveloping enamel firing furnace. The entrance and exit of the firing chamber vary with the length of the product, and 3 to 5 air curtains are installed, and the blowing direction of the air curtain also changes according to the shape of the product. The firing chamber is surrounded by the drying chamber, and the transmission track is closed in the drying chamber with a higher temperature. In addition to the use of high-temperature bearing oil for the transmission carriage bearing, increasing the convection channel or adding a mechanical ventilation fan to strengthen the upper and lower temperature circulation can greatly alleviate the disadvantages of the higher temperature in the upper part.

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