Enamel Water Level Gauge

Water level gauge, also known as hydrological gauge, is used to detect surface water and is suitable for direct observation of water level in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, hydropower stations, irrigation areas, etc. It is made of metal or non-metallic materials, and there will be clear scale information on it. The common water gauges on the market include electronic water gauges, stainless steel water gauges, polymer water gauges, enamel water gauges, etc. Among them, electronic water gauges include water gauges with measurement technologies such as ultrasonic or radar, and the cost and price are high. Enamel water gauges (Hydrometer) Because of its good performance and lower cost, it is more commonly used.

Water level gauge with enamel coating has its unique advantages:

1. Good water resistance and corrosion resistance, durable. Enamel is very resistant to water erosion. It is difficult for ordinary cold water to corrode the enamel. Only when the water contains dissolved substances can it cause slight corrosion to the enamel. The corrosion resistance of enamel water level gauge mainly depends on the choice of enamel glaze. Professional water-resistant enamel glaze will have a corresponding composition ratio, which can improve its water resistance.

In addition, the enamel water level gauge has a certain acid and alkali resistance, which is suitable for the detection of surface water and other water levels.

2. The color is not easy to fade, and the contrast effect is good. The enamel layer on the enamel surface is very smooth and delicate, and the scale on it is clear and will not be blurred or faded, which is convenient for observation.