Enamel RTU Powder Coating Effect For Bolted Tank

Recently, we have received many inquiries and orders for enamel ready-to-use powder for hot-rolled sheets. Whether domestic or foreign, many enamel factories have corresponding demands for this product. The ready-to-use powder can be used for enamel bolted tank, enamel pipes, etc. In order to allow customers to see the product effect more intuitively, the Noli technical team uses enamel ready-to-use powder to proof the bolted jar samples, and has done different effect tests. Let's have a look!

1. Proofing process

The green body sampled this time is a hot-rolled plate in an bolted tank sent by the customer, and the surface pretreatment process of annealing and sandblasting is carried out on the green body first. Soak the ready-to-use powder and water in water at a ratio of 100: 40~45% for 4-6 hours (add water first, and then add the ready-to-use powder to the soaking enamel powder container), stir and sieve, and adjust the specific gravity of the glaze slurry to 172-178g/ Use after 100ml. The enamel assembly tank is usually sprayed with enamel, and the glaze slurry is put into the glaze slurry cup that comes with the spray gun, and a uniform enamel layer is applied to the surface of the green body. After drying and firing, the firing temperature is controlled at 860-880 ° C, and the firing time is determined according to the thickness of the steel plate of the bolted can. Finally cooled to obtain the sample.

Most of the domestic enamel bolted tanks will be green or blue. If there are pigment requirements and there are ball milling conditions, you can add a

Second, the effect test

Acid resistance test: 10% concentration of citric acid was used for testing, the surface of the test area did not lose light, there was no difference between the acid treated area and the untreated area, and the acid resistance level was AA;

Impact resistance test: The impact appearance of the enamel test panel is evaluated by the adhesion tester, and the adhesion performance is excellent.