Enamel Product Classification And Introduction

The application of enamel products is very wide, ranging from giant water storage tanks and industrial reactors to various daily enamel appliances. Here is a brief introduction to various enamel products.

1. Household gas stoves, barbecue stoves (B.B.Q) refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Many enamel utensils are used in household gas stoves, water heaters, refrigerators and washing machines, etc., and the core components are coated with enamel to ensure that they are not corroded and make the utensils beautiful. As for the thickness of the metal blank, it depends on the purpose of the vessel, generally between 0.4 and 3 mm. The ground coat used is ordinary enamel ground coat, and the cover coat is generally titanium white enamel frit, as for the internal surface is coated with acid-resistant ground coat or variegated. The tank used in the washing machine must be made of zirconium white enamel frit to increase the alkali resistance and improve the performance of the alkali cleaning agent.

2. Bathtub and pool

Steel enamel bathtubs and sinks are lighter and cheaper than cast iron enamel. Generally speaking, these products are made in one piece. The enamel used on the surface is the same as other utensils. The enamel frit used include zirconium white frit, antimony white frit, titanium white frit, etc., and most of the enamel are sprayed.

3. Building enamel

Enamel building wall panels are increasingly used in the construction industry, such as advertising signs, street signs, stop signs, decorative exterior wall panels, subway wall panels, tunnel wall panels, and so on. Enamel wallboard is superior to other building materials in that it can be made into a large area with the same color and structure, corrosion resistance, long service life, simple cleaning, mass production, and low price. The size of the enamel wallboard ranges from 400*400mm to 1200mm*1800mm. Because of its high mechanical strength and resistance to drastic changes in temperature, both the interior and exterior walls of the building can be used.

The thickness of the steel plate used for enamel wallboard is generally 0.45~2.0mm. There is also a kind of thin rolled steel plate especially used for surface decoration materials. The thickness of the steel plate is only 0.3mm. Building materials. The enamel used in construction must be resistant to various conditions of the atmosphere, and must have a certain degree of acid and chemical stability.