Enamel Metal Pretreatment Degreasing Pickling

Degreasing is one of the pretreatment methods for enamel metal. In addition to soaking, there is also an electrolytic washing method, that is, the green body is used as the cathode, and the solution tank is used as the anode. The pH value is controlled around 12. The current used is 6 ~12v, the current density is about 1A/, this method is faster than the general soaking method.

In addition to immersion and electrolytic washing methods, there are also ultrasonic washing methods, and the degreasing effect occurs more quickly and truly.

The amount consumed by the degreasing agent to remove oil is 10~15g for the average treatment of 1, and its saponification chemical formula is as follows:




With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, it is more difficult to deal with sulfuric acid solution after pickling, so it can also be treated by non-pickling method: degreasingwater washingair firing (55~600), and then firing with non-pickling bottom glaze to make. Japan's Matsushita Electric Enamel Factory adopts this method: first clean (spray) with a low-concentration degreasing agent, and then burn at 470 ° C for 3 to 5 minutes, all using automatic production.