Enamel Frit Factory Explain Special Enamel Frit

Among the enamel frit, in addition to the common steel enamel ground coat, steel enamel cover coat, cast iron enamel ground coat, cast iron enamel cover coat, edge frit, decorative frit, etc., there are also some special enamel frit, which are often used in industrial enamels for acid and alkali resistance. Required enamel products, such as power plant acid-resistant frits commonly used in enamel corrugated sheets, pipeline enamel frits for air preheaters, industrial ground coat or industrial cover coat for chemical reactors, stirring paddles, etc.

Acid-resistant frit has better acid resistance than ordinary enamel frit, which can reach grade A or AA, and the enamel product made has a fine porcelain surface. Industrial enamel frit is generally used in industrial reactors, stirring paddles, pipeline valve parts, water pumps, assembled tanks, desulfurization plates, heat exchangers, industrial pipes, etc. Its adhesion strength is good, and enamel products are not easy to produce bubbles and pores during firing. , focus and other defects, and has good chemical stability, resistance (strong) acid, (strong) alkali resistance, high thermal stability, good mechanical strength.

If you want to prevent the occurrence of fish scale, you can choose fish scale resistant frit, which has low material requirements for steel blanks, and is suitable for steel enamel parts, steel utensils, kitchen cookware, and stoves to prevent fish scale.