Enamel Decal Process

Many of our common beautiful enamel products, such as enamel pots, enamel tray, enamel cup, etc., are decorated with decals. The technological process of the enamel decal paper is to soak the decal paper on the plain enamel and remove the film, then dry the decal, burn it after drying, and finally get the finished product of enamel technology.

In this process, there are six points of operation and precautions that may be overlooked:

1. The quality of the decal paper directly affects the quality of the decorative flower. At present, it is generally tested by trial sticking and firing;

2. The water for immersion and defilming should be cleaned, otherwise it will pollute the porcelain surface;

3. Soak in water for at least 1 minute to ensure the dissolution of the peach gum, otherwise it will produce a boiling point;

4. The flower film should be firmly attached to the product, and the air and water bubbles between the product and the product are not allowed, otherwise it will cause explosion. Generally use gauze and rubber to scrape clothes;

5. Use natural drying. When drying, the ventilation should be good. The drying time should not be less than 12 hours at room temperature at 30°C. Only after drying can the flowers be burned;

6. The burning temperature is slightly lower than that of spraying flowers, and it is required to be carried out in an oxidizing atmosphere to avoid darkening the color.