Enamel, A Greatly Underestimated Material

Speaking of porcelain enamel , some people may be relatively unfamiliar, but you must have heard of "Falang, foreign porcelain, cloisonne". People's impression of enamel may still remain on the enamel cups of the past, engraved with words such as "work is the most glorious, red double happiness, XX factory advanced" and other words, coupled with large continuous rich hibiscus peonies, this is the memory of a generation.


Enamel is a composite material that is fired at high temperature after coating a glassy inorganic material on a metal substrate. Enamel products are safe, non-toxic, easy to clean, and not easy to age. Moreover, the enamel layer can give enamel products a rich and beautiful appearance. It has been embellishing our lives. Every enamel appliance is like a diary written down by time. As the memory fades, it becomes fresher over time.


Few materials can combine two materials with very different chemical and physical properties in such a perfect way as enamel, and perform so many functions. It is a very promising material, let’s compare it briefly:

1. Compared with ceramics, enamel materials have better metal extensibility, can be made into various shapes people need after cold processing, have higher practicability and applicability, and are not fragile and convenient for storage;

2. Compared with traditional materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and iron, enamel enamel has strong resistance to chemical erosion, is easier to clean than traditional metals, and has a long service life. Therefore, enamel materials are also widely used in modern industries, such as chemical reaction kettles. , Stirring paddle, chemical container, desulfurization board, etc.

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