Decorative Enamel - Speckled Enamel

When we buy enamel tableware, we will see a variety of exquisite and colorful tableware, especially foreign enamel brands or enamels for export to foreign countries. There is a kind of enamel that has won the love of many customers with its special shape. It's speckled enamel.   

Speckled enamel is similar to pearlescent enamel, both of which are decorative enamels, but speckled enamel appeared earlier than pearlescent enamel. Spotted enamel is generally made by adding plate-colored enamel particles to the black and dark blue cover coat slurry, stirring evenly, dipping the enamel on the ground coat layer, and drying and firing.

The white granules are made by dry grinding and sieving the enamel frit for a short time, and selecting 40-60 mesh granules or 60-80 mesh granules as required. The amount of white particles added is generally 1% to 3% of the mass, and the spotted enamel with black and white dots and blue and white dots is mostly used for picnic tableware exported to Europe and the United States.

Another enamel coating method for spotted enamel is: manual enamel spraying is to reduce the pressure of compressed air and appropriately enlarge the diameter of the nozzle, so that the enamel slurry of one color can splash on the cover coat of another color in dots, commonly known as "fine enamel spraying".