Causes and Solution of Enamel Orange Peel Defect

The orange peel-like irregular wrinkles on the surface of the porcelain enamel layer are called orange peel wrinkles (orange peel wrinkles). Orange peel wrinkles are a kind of defects on the enamel surface, which directly affect the appearance quality of enamel products. Smooth and smooth, no defects such as pores, de-porcelain, line spots and so on.

There are many reasons for orange peel wrinkles, generally enamel frit or enamel slurry. If your product has orange peel wrinkles, it can be analyzed from the following reasons:

1. The enamel frit used has high surface tension and high viscosity;

2. The enamel frit slurry is stored for too long, and the coarse grains sink;

3. The enamel slurry particles are too coarse and the enamel is too thick;

4. The temperature of the enamel firing furnace is too high;

5. Uneven dissolution during firing;

6. Excessive air pressure during enamel spraying.

When encountering orange peel wrinkles, it should be noted that the enamel slurry should not be stored for too long and the furnace temperature for firing the enamel cover coat should not be too high. If it is daily enamel, pay attention to the lower surface tension in the choice of cover coat. Nolifrit is a supplier of enamel frits and inorganic pigments, providing customers with high-quality products and technical services. If you have any related needs, please contact us!