Can Enamelware Be Heated In Microwave Oven?

Enamel, not just nostalgia.

With the development of modern industrial technology, the appearance of enamel products is also diverse, such as spotted enamel, ice flower enamel, pearlescent enamel, inner white and outer color enamel, etc. The decoration methods of daily-use enamel products include spray flowers and decals. , Printing, gilding, painting, piled flowers, carved flowers, sun-dried flowers and more than a dozen. Getting rid of the monotonous and uniform style in the past, daily-use enamel is more in line with people's daily needs and pursuit of beauty.

Therefore, there are also many enamel lovers who like to buy all kinds of enamel bowls, enamel pots, and enamel cups to be placed in the kitchen, living room and even on the decorative cabinets at home. Life. Then, when some people use these enamel products, they will inevitably ask such questions: Can enamel cups and enamel bowls be heated in a microwave oven?

In fact, enamelware cannot be heated in a microwave oven. Enamel is a composite material formed by the close combination of inorganic glass material and metal matrix. When the metal matrix inside is heated by a microwave oven, it will generate electric sparks and reflect microwaves, which also fails to achieve the purpose of cooking food.

If you want to heat food in a microwave, you can use ceramic, glass or plastic containers for microwave ovens, microwave steaming drawers, microwave rice cookers, etc.