Can Covercoat Coated on Fish-scaled Groundcoat?

Enamel products often have various defects in the production, among which fish-scale is a common defect in enamel. Recently, Nolifrit enamel frit and glaze manufacturer have received inquiries from customers, can they continue to enamel when the enamel products have the defect of fish scale? For this kind of enamel product defect, let's listen to the technical staff of Nolifrit.

The defect of enamel fish scale is a phenomenon similar to tiny spots of fish scales. The fish scale is caused by too much hydrogen contained in the steel plate. During the firing process, the hydrogen overflows and is at the interface between the enamel layer and the steel plate. When too much pressure is caused, the enamel layer will be broken and the scales will burst. The most common solution for fish scale explosion is to use special enamel grade steel plate for production. Of course, to some extent, anti fish scale enamel frit or anti-fishscale agent can also be used to reduce the probability of fish scale defect.

Fish scales on ground coat

When fish scales appeared on enamel products, can we continue to coat cover coat? Generally speaking, it is not recommended to continue enamelling. Because the enamel ground coat has already fish-scaled, if you continue to enamel the cover coat, the fish scale will continue to occur. If there is a problem with the ground coat, it is not recommended to continue making the cover coat.

Fish scales on cover coat

The above is the answer from the technical staff of the Nolifrit enamel frit manufacturer. I hope the above answer can be helpful to everyone. Share professional knowledge of enamel coating every day, so that more people have a deeper understanding of the enamel industry, welcome to follow us!