Basic Equipments For Enamel Production

Enamel, also known as porcelain enamel, as a composite material of metal and glass inorganic high temperature firing, has the advantages of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance (wear-resistant than coating materials), etc. It has been widely used in daily life, home appliances In the fields of , petroleum, chemical, construction and public facilities, there are many other fields that can be explored and developed. As we all know, the enamel industry is very promising. So, if you are going to open a new enamel factory, what basic equipment do you need to prepare?

1. Pretreatment equipment

Pretreatment is to remove grease, rust, oxides, etc. on the surface of the metal body, so as to obtain the surface quality that meets the requirements of enameling and improve product quality. Pretreatment requires the following basic equipment: cleaning tanks, cleaning baskets, trucks, partition nets and supports, heating systems (such as steam boilers), cranes, time controllers, pretreatment liquid inspection agents;

2. Ball mill

Generally, factories purchase enamel frit directly from enamel frit suppliers, and then apply enamel by grinding enamel powder or mixing with grinding additives, solvents, etc., and crushing into enamel slurry. Therefore, ball mills and enamel slurry storage equipment are required:

Large grinder: 1000kg, 500kg, 300kg, 100~150kg, fast and small 500g ball mill (specific equipment quantity and equipment specifications are determined according to the scale or production capacity of the factory), high alumina balls for grinding: 2.0”, 1.5, 1.25”, Electric sieve, reserve enamel slurry barrel, general sieve: 40, 60, 80, 100 mesh and various weighing tools.

3. Enameling equipment

For a general enamel factory, the glazing process requires the following equipment:

Spray gun: 1.2~1.8mm, spray bucket, enamel bucket, various clamps, air compressor above 50HO, air storage and freezing filtration equipment, uranium spray table, vacuuming equipment.

4. Drying equipment

Conveyor belt (5T, large or medium), hanging basket, hook, drying furnace, if it is a factory with small production capacity, an electric oven can be used.

5. Firing furnace

Stainless steel 310 baskets, various hooks and spreaders.

six. Testing equipment

Film thickness gauge, magnifying glass (150x), impact tester, laboratory equipment and small firing furnace.

7. Hydropower facilities: electrical equipment and piping works, transportation equipment: pull trucks, fork vehicles, etc.; environmental protection and wastewater treatment equipment, various raw materials in the initial stage, etc.


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