Automatic Enamel Dipping Line

For dipping enamel, the enamel coating quality usually depends more on the worker’s operant level, a experienced enamel worker can do much better job than a green hand. But for the manual work, it have very obvious limitation. On the one hand, the size of enamel ware to be coated is limited, because if the item is too big or too heavy, the physical exhaustion of worker will be very high during the operation. People is not a machine, they can’t stand high-intensity work in long time. On the other hand, the coating quality can’t be 100% stable. Even for the most experienced worker, they still can’t ensure the same coating quality during the continuous work.   

One of our customer applied the automatic enamel dipping line, their enamel hot pot is hold by a gripper, which can be showed by the following video. The gripper can finish the dipping and swing action, which greatly improved the efficiency of dipping process.

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