Advantages of Direct-on Black Enamel Frit For Oven

The oven racks and trays is one of the application fields of enamel frit. After years of technological development, the current technology is very mature. With the successful development and market inspection of the black enamel, it is widely used in the oven rack industry. Nolifrit enamel frit and glaze factory will show you what are the advantages of direct-on black enamel frit for oven racks and tray?

Direct-on Black Enamel Frit

1. Save costs.

The direct-on black enamel only needs to be applied once. Compared with the traditional “two coating and two firing” process, “one coating and one firing” can save a lot of cost. With the rapid rise of various raw materials and labor costs today, companies can save costs in technology, which can reduce the operating pressure of the company.

2. Reduce the probability of enamel defects.

Everyone knows that there are hundreds of production processes for enamel products. Any one process may cause defects in enamel products. Reducing the number of enamelling can effectively reduce the probability of enamel defects, because it can reduce many processes, such as sintering and drying, etc…

3. Good porcelain enamel surface.

The finished product made of black enamel has been verified and tested by a large number of customers, and the finished product has good porcelain enamel surface, smooth and easy to clean.

Direct-on Black Enamel For Oven

The direct-on black enamel frit of the oven racks and trays is an upgrade of the product on the basis of the original technology. The performance and product quality stability of the direct-on black enamel of the Nolifrit is excellent, and we have many cooperative partners in China. whose products are sold at home and abroad.