A New Application of Enamel in Medical Industry:

Antibacterial Enamel Plate

Enamel materials have the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. They are not only used as materials for daily utensils (such as enamel cups, enamel pots, enamel pots, etc.), but also widely used in industry, chemistry, and public fields. Because the surface is fine and smooth, which is not conducive to the growth of bacteria, it has also been used in a variety of applications in the medical industry. In addition to enamel scalpels and enamel medical plates, there is also an antibacterial enamel steel plate to be introduced today.

The antibacterial enamel steel plate has unique application characteristics. Most of the walls of modern operating rooms are inlaid and hidden with a lot of medical equipment and pipelines. A certain space for equipment and pipelines needs to be reserved between the decorative surface and the base wall, which requires the decorative panels to be durable. Large panels with customized functions can be made into various shapes such as corner shapes, arc shapes or special-shaped shapes. The base material of the enamel steel plate is a special metal steel plate for enamel. The material has strong metal toughness and rigidity, and will not break or crack.

More importantly, the porcelain surface of enamel has natural antibacterial properties, and the antibacterial performance is far superior to other decorative plates, so it is suitable for the application in clean operating rooms. The enamel steel plate has the characteristics of hard porcelain surface (scratch resistance, wear resistance), smoothness, fineness and smoothness, and natural and round luster. The stains on the porcelain surface are easy to clean and are not easy to remain. Subject to erosion, discoloration and damage.

The enamel steel plate is a completely non-combustible, safe and environmentally friendly plate. Its durability can be described as super expressive. After being used in combination with stainless steel-finished instruments and equipment, it is believed that this combination of super salt, acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance It must be able to make the return on investment of the decoration project of the operating room obtain stable and long-term use benefits.

We have reasons to believe that enamelled steel plates not only have excellent application performance and trend-leading in other construction fields, but also become a trend standard in the medical field with more applications.