2023 Nolifrit Mid-Year Sales Summary Conference

The third quarter has arrived. Half of year 2023 has passed. In order to review the achievements of the past half year, sum up experience and lessons, and set new goals for the work in the second half of the year in a better working state, and achieve more work results, on July 17, Nolifrit mid-year sales summary conference was held.


In the first half of 2023, the global economic situation is unstable, and the demand for orders from old customers is not strong. Facing the severe market environment, Nolifrit sales team has firm beliefs, overcome difficulties, and basically completed the mid-year sales target. In the fiercely competitive domestic market, the domestic trade team has achieved an annual sales target completion rate of 56.98%. This strong sense of purpose and action is very worthy of recognition. Nolifrit's high-end products such as direct-on black enamel electrostatic powder, water heater liner powder enamel, and assembled tank enamel powder have initially started on the international stage. This will be a consumption trend, and customers will gradually transform from low-end products to high-end products.


In addition to the sales team, other departments have also shown excellent work ability and teamwork spirit. The production team maintains efficient operation and timely delivery of orders; the marketing team improves the company's brand awareness through search ranking optimization, search bidding advertising optimization, B2B promotion, short video promotion, etc.

In the meeting, each employee made a report on the work in the first half of 2023, showing the highlights of the work. Of course, there are also some problems and challenges behind the achievements. The mid-year review meeting is a platform that gives us the opportunity to confront these issues and find solutions. Each employee carefully summarizes the past work, finds out the deficiencies, and formulates corresponding improvement measures.


Mr. Wang Haiyun, general manager of Nolifrit, said: "I examine myself three times a day. Only by constantly reflecting and making breakthroughs can we continue to improve the company's overall strength and better cope with the increasingly fierce market competition." Detailed planning and arrangement of the work: In the future, we will increase the introduction and cultivation of domestic and foreign trade talents. For the R&D and technical teams, we need to improve the quality and effect of enamel professional technical services. The marketing and promotion team needs to use internal superior resources to open up new market areas and promote the sustainable development of the business.


At the end of the meeting, the employees who made outstanding contributions to the company's achievements in the first half of the year were commended, thanked for their dedication and labor, and encouraged all employees to work harder.

As a supplier of enamel frits and inorganic pigments, Nolifrit is committed to providing consumers with one-stop service, providing customers with solutions and technical services; on the other hand, Nolifrit adheres to the tenet of quality-oriented and service-oriented, We have established good cooperative relations with many well-known and excellent enamel manufacturers at home and abroad. Through such a platform as the mid-year summary conference, we continue to improve our own strength, provide customers with more professional and efficient customized solutions, and let customers enjoy convenient and comfortable purchasing experience.