The high performance porcelain enamel finishes act as an exterior coating that does not burn off (even at high temperatures), allow for a cleanable surface, and provide protection from the elements. The finishes are hard to scratch and resist bacteria growth better than other types of non-enamel finishes. As a coating, porcelain enamels can meet the highest standards for performance and safety for food contact on BBQ grills.

Porcelain enamel coatings bring durable, non-fading color to kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and shower trays. These performance coatings provide surfaces that resist scratching, wear and tear, and corrosion from household scouring and cleaning while being easy to keep clean. Noli enamel coatings are custom developed for each sanitary ware manufacturing customer (the substrate can be cast iron or steel). Noli porcelain coatings are recognized for their high quality on a worldwide basis.

Recommended Enamel Solutions:

Co-Ni Frit

Ni Frit

Direct on black frit

Matt frit for cast Iron

Anti acid glossy frit for cast Iron

RTU one black coat on steel

RTU matt on steel

RTU matt on cast iron

Easy to clean powder

Black electrostatic powder

Super white cover coat