Ceramic porcelain frit

An ISO 9001:2001 certified ceramic porcelain frits manufacturer, we follow stringent guidelines for our supplier selection, porcelain frit technology and technical service standards.

We offer both leaded and no lead porcelain frit varieties available as transparent porcelain frits, glossy porcelain frits and matt porcelain frits designed specifically for double fast firing, single-fired monoporosa and porcelain stoneware ceramic coating applications.

Our specialty porcelain frits are ideal for ceramic coatings used in architectural ceramics, building ceramics, dinnerware and ceramic arts.

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Finding the Best Choice of Porcelain Frit

Porcelain frit is a crucial component in decorating enamels, determining the firing behavior, appearance and in-service performance for the decoration.

Porcelain frit selection for particular application and firing conditions, as well as use environment, is an engineering compromise. The best choice must simultaneously optimize several properties that depend on the glass chemistry and structure in subtle and often opposing ways.

Decorators are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with their enamel supplier to reach the best solution, rather than assume that a general-formulation enamel will be able to do multiple jobs.

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