Nolifrit Strategic Cooperation with Steel Factory

In early March, Nolifrit went to Shandong province to visit steel plate factory, to look for reliable steel plate partner who can supply enamel grade steel plate with stable quality for strategic cooperation.

20190307092616_76233_副本As a enamel frit expert, We focused on enamel coating since 1995, accumulated more than 500 customers. All of our customers need steel plate for their production, so we’re also willing to help customers to find good steel plate supplier with lower price, to reduce the total cost for customer and let them stay competitive in their market.


Steel plate plays a very important role in enamel industry. It influences greatly the enamel coating effect, as it need to contact directly with enamel ground coat, its surface pretreatment, carbon contain, and ductility will make big difference on enamel smoothness, adherence and max depth of a enamelware.20190307092708_86076_副本

Hunan Noli Enamel Co., Ltd can also help customer to get steel plate they need, and 100% ensure the steel plate can meet with the requirement and work well with our enamel frit. Before the bulk order, we usually advise customer to place a small trial order to test steel plate in their production line and make sure no fish scale problem happened.


Advice for Making Enamel Mug with Rolled Edge

Enamel mug is quite popular in our daily life. It covers all the advantages of a glass or ceramic mug, but it won’t easily be broken like glass or ceramic mugs. And it can be decorated by varies of colors, which makes it colorful and beautiful, looks much better than steel mug. Also, it’s more healthy and environmental friendly than plastic mug.

Nolifrit has many customers who manufacture high quality enamel mugs with very nice appearance.

One of our customer was facing problem to make those enamel mugs. They use 0.3-0.4mm thickness steel plate. Problem comes from the edge. As picture showed, its metal body exposed on the rolled edge. not fully covered by enamel slurry when coating. This problem is very common among most of enamel mug manufacturers.


He asked for our help and we offered our professional technical service and advice to solve this problem.

Our advice is as follows:

1– When casting the steel body, try to make the edge more curving. To make the rim more close to mug wall, like the picture showed:


2–  There are some burrs in edge. Try to grind the burrs from sharp edge. This work should be done before welding.

3– Make mug rabbet upward when drying enamel slurry.

4—By using enamel frit with higher quality, the result could be better.

5—By using steel plate with thickness 0.5-0.6mm, the result could be better.

After taking our advice, our customer solved this problem completely and can make enamel mug with perfect edge:


Nolifrit Enamel Frit Exported to Central America

Since the arrival of May, the enamel industry has entered its hot season, and we have received orders for enamel frit from customers in Central America. In recent years, Nolifrit has taken the initiative to develop the international market, actively responding to the “One Belt and One Road” policy, and striving to adapt to the new normal of economic development. The effect of market expansion is gradually emerging. In the past few days, Nolifrit has been working hard to promote production, and all employees have worked hard to ensure the timely delivery. The factory has shown a good situation of both production and sales.QQ图片20190511105942_副本

Coming into the Nolifrit production workshop, one and another converter furnaces is rotating at a constant speed, and the molten enamel frit is then quenched.”This year’s situation is quite well, the current orders has been scheduled to June. In order to catch orders, all of our employees are on duty, and now we are still hiring new employees.” When it comes to the sales situation, the head of the company’s administrative department speaks with proud.QQ图片20190511105954_副本

This batch of enamel frit produced for Central American customers can be delivered on schedule, which is the result of the joint efforts of Nolifrit employees. In order to complete the production tasks with quality and quantity, the company’s leadership is reasonably dispatched and production arranged orderly; the supply department closely tracks and strictly guarantees the timely storage of raw materials; the leaders of the production department are willing to work hard and dedicate. All current production tasks are being carried out orderly. The main products of Nolifrit include nearly 2,000 kinds of enamel ground coat, cover coat, transparent frit, and vitreous enamel powder, inorganic pigment, etc. They are exported to foreign markets, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States. The continuous overseas orders fully demonstrates the customer’s acceptance of Nolifrit quality.QQ图片20190511110004_副本

Looking at the container trucks loaded with various enamel frits drive out of factory, the hearts of the Nolifrit people are full of pride. “Let Nolifrit go global” is our unshakable goal. Twenty-three years of history is just like a wave, and now we are developing step by step. We will continue to serve global enamel users with our professional service, excellent work enthusiasm and technical and R&D advantages accumulated for over the past 20 years.

Nolifrit Solution for Black Dots on Cover Coat

Black dots(bubbles or pinholes) on cover coat (mostly on white cover coat) is a common fault of enamel coating process. It may happend in many areas like enamel cookware or enamel panels. What’s the main reason of this fault? And how to avoid this? With experience for over 30 years, technical team from Nolifrit is very professional to solve all kinds of problem like this, and we even have successful cases before:

Typical Case:

One of top 10 manufacturers of cookware in the Middle East.


Black dots on white cover coat (for enamel saucer)

Main Causes:

1, The steel substrate is not clean enough.

2, There are too much C, S, P contained in steel substrate.

3, There are impurities mixed in cover coat enamel slurry.

4, Fire temperature is not reasonably controlled, so the ground coat is rare fired.

Nolifrit Solution:

1, Before enameling, the steel plate should be cleaned, without any rust or dust.

2, Choose better steel plate, enamel grade steel is highly recommended.

3, Avoid the pollution of enamel slurry, and take more careful on the use amount of clay and other additives.

4, Reasonably control the temperature of furnace, ground coat should be fully fired.

(Those advises are all based on our customer’s situation, which subject to the actual practice.)


Problem solved after customer take our advices:20190127012903_62344_副本_副本Hunan Noli Enamel Co,. Ltd is the leader manufacturer of porcelain enamel frit and enamel powder in China. Focused on enamel coating for over 30 years.

We can offer very professional technical guidance and product solutions. To solve the problems our customers will likely face in their production. We have successfully solved most of the problem of our customers, which makes us with very good reputation and build up the profound trust with our customers.