Enamel Powder Coating vs Spray Paint Stove Enamelling

Paint or powder, powder or stove enamel, powder vs spray paint, or powder coat vs air drying? Windridge Coatings is a commercial paint application company. In over 30 years we have applied heavy-duty corrosion protection paints, aesthetic auto paints, enamel powder coatings and stove enamel. We have a fairly good knowledge of all processes and have taken the commercial decision to specialise in enamel powder coating. Enamel powder coating has been the fastest growth area of painting for the last 25 years at the expense of other paint systems.

Enamel Powder Coating

Improvements in application techniques have meant small decorative items to heavy and large components are suitable for enamel powder coating. What was once the reserve for architectural and mass production is now available for garden gates and enamel powder coating motorbike frames.

Application equipment for enamel powder coating is more expensive than wet paint systems. The gun alone can cost £4500. The paint is purchased as a powder, hence the name. It is temporarily stuck to the metal with an electrostatic attraction. (In the same way as you rub a balloon on your jumper and watch it stick to a wall, the granules of powder stick to the work piece). The oven is more expensive than stove enamelling because it has to heat the component to a higher temperature, about 200 degrees Celsius.

Why is enamel powder coating better?

  • Powder coating done properly is tougher than stove enamelling and air drying paints. This means it will take more of punishment before chipping.
  • There are no solvents used during the application and so it is environmentally greener.
  • Requires factory processing making a better chance of the component being stripped and blasted, for better corrosion resistance and adhesion.
  • It produces a more waterproof barrier than liquid paint (for comparable thickness) and therefore offers better protection against corrosion.
  • To hide metal imperfections, a Powder coating finish can achieve in two coats, what stove enamelling requires in 15 or more coats.
  • Therefore the price is comparable, or even cheaper than stove enamelling.
  • Powder coating is more resistant to scratching and marking.
  • Good quality powder coatings are available in high gloss and have negligible orange peel.
  • Dirt is easily washed off.
  • Powder coating can be compounded, polished and waxed like any other paint.

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