Applications of chrome oxide green

Chrome oxide green, also known as chromium oxide, chromium oxide green, chromium sesquioxide or chromia, is one of four oxides of chromium. It is commonly called chrome green or chromium green when used as a pigment. Chromium oxide is a crystalline green powder, which has been classified as Pigment Green 17 and C.I. 77288 by the Colour Index System.

Its basic chemical composition is Cr2O3. Chrome green is not soluble in water, acids and alkalis. It can be used to refer to a mixture of chrome yellow (Lead Chromate) and Prussian blue (Ferrocyanate). Chrome Oxide Green is used in a wide variety of applications because of its excellent opacity, outdoor durability and heat fastness. Its hardness is also highly valued for surface finishing, where Chrome Oxide Greens are used as abrasive components. They are also used as a base oxide to produce several other metal oxide based pigments.

Chrome oxide green is used as raw material in the preparation of pigments for porcelain, ceramic glazes, plastics, cements, roofing tiles, linoleum, industrial coatings, frits, colored glass, stainless steel electrodes, paints, industrial coatings, inks and as catalyst in the chemical industry. In addition to these areas, it is also used in the production of aerospace super-alloys and refractory bricks for glass and fiberglass industry.

In order to meet the requirements from customers in different lines, we produce several grades of high quality and stable quality chrome oxide greens, they are refractory and technical grade, metallurgical grade, pigment grade, coating grade, construction grade.

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