Porcelain Enamel Ground Coat

Porcelain enamels are glass coatings applied primarily to products or parts made of sheet steel, cast iron, and aluminum to improve appearance and to protect the metal surface.

This article describes the types of porcelain enamels, and details porcelain enamel ground coat for these materials. It provides a list of steels suitable for porcelain enamel ground coat and discusses the most important factors considered in the selection of steel for porcelain enameling.

The article briefly presents the preparation methods of these materials for porcelain enamel ground coat and covers the methods, and furnaces of porcelain enameling. It examines the role of coating thickness, firing time and temperature, metal substrate, and color on the performance of enameled surfaces. The article concludes with a discussion on the properties of enameled surfaces, factors considered in process control, and test procedures for evaluating the quality of enameled surfaces.

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