Porcelain enamelling

20190731Porcelain enamelling, also called Vitreous Enamelling, process of fusing a thin layer of glass to a metal object to prevent corrosion and enhance its beauty. Porcelain-enamelled iron is used extensively for such articles as kitchen pots and pans, bathtubs, refrigerators, chemical and food tanks, and equipment for meat markets. In architecture it serves as facing for buildings. Being a glass, porcelain enamelling has the properties of glass: a hard surface, resistance to solution, corrosion, and scratching. Enamelware is usually quite resistant to acid and impact, but may crack if the base metal is deformed.

In general, base items consist of fabricated steel, iron castings such as bathtubs and stoves, or, for kitchenware, a good grade of low-carbon sheet iron formed in the shape of the utensil by pressing or drawing, by spinning, and by trimming, with handles, spouts, and ears welded in place. The base items are cleaned by physical means such as sandblasting or by pickling in acid. Next a coating mixture of ground glass, clay, and water is applied and dried. The ware then is fired in a furnace. For cast-iron dry-process enamels, powdered glass is dusted over the hot ware; as it melts it forms a continuous layer of enamel. For wet-process enamels, a second liquid layer of cover enamel is applied.

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The Porcelain Enamel

Porcelain enamel is a mixture of mineral content glass and inorganic pigments fused to a steel substrate at temperatures exceeding 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme temperature literally melts and fuses the pigments to the steel, forming a molecular bond and creating a permanent coating.

Graphics are applied with glass-based inks by a variety of methods including traditional screen printing, stenciling and a high resolution photographic process. Each color is applied and fired one layer at a time. This process produces the most visually striking and durable signage material available.

Common Applications

Interpretive and wayfinding signage for national,

state, and local parks, zoos, aquariums and municipalities.

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About The Whiteness of Enamel

White enamel is very common in our daily life. For example, we can easily find white enamel cookware in a kitchen, and white enamel signs around street or white enamel wallboard in subway station.

White enamel must be coated as cover coat, it always need at least “two coat two firing”. To ensure the smooth enamel surface and perfect color.20190404074802_27845

To evaluate the quality of white enamel, whiteness is a very important aspect.

Whiteness of enamel is measured by the relative percentage of a standard white enameled template (magnesium oxide or barium sulfate). The whiteness of the enamel depends mainly on its opacifying properties, also by its hue, ie the whiteness of the enamel is related to its hue (referred to as whiteness measurement), that is, the hue of the standard template. If the hue of the standard template is yellowish white, the whiteness will be low for enamel template in bluish white, And for enamel template in yellowish white, the whiteness will be higher.20190404074819_98417

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Nolifrit Strategic Cooperation with Steel Factory

In early March, Nolifrit went to Shandong province to visit steel plate factory, to look for reliable steel plate partner who can supply enamel grade steel plate with stable quality for strategic cooperation.

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Steel plate plays a very important role in enamel industry. It influences greatly the enamel coating effect, as it need to contact directly with enamel ground coat, its surface pretreatment, carbon contain, and ductility will make big difference on enamel smoothness, adherence and max depth of a enamelware.20190307092708_86076_副本

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