Vitreous Cover Coat Enamel Frits

We offer Cover Coat Enamel Frits for vitreous enamel coating on sheet steel: Vitreous cover coat enamel frit is a ceramic coating applied to metals, to give complete resistance to atmospheric corrosion, is acid and alkali resistant, abrasion resistant and resistant to water, chemicals, etc.

The ground coat is black or greyish black in colour. Cover coats can be white or any other desired colour. The finish is glossy (like glass) and and suitable for cooking utensils, eating utensils, outdoor sign boards (because of the permanence of its colours), coal chutes (because of its abasion resistance), and chemical reaction equipment.

Our superior cover coat enamel frit MFHC, is a glossy black, almost free from pinholes. Once you have used this frit, you will not want to use any other frit, except, perhaps, an economy frit, which is almost as good as MFHC, but much lower in cost.

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