What is Enamel Coated Cast Iron?

20180426What is EnamIt’s like regular cast iron, but… Wait for it… It’s coated by enameled paint.

It’s safe to use with acidic foods, like tomato based sauces or chilis, and has a high heat retention due to its thickness and generally awesome cast iron qualities. Additionally, these skillets are also safe to use in the oven, on all stoves and on the grill.

I would slightly hesitate to use the really ornate, pricy cast iron out on the barbie due to the risk of damaging the somewhat delicate, glossy coating. I am talking about something like Le Creuset or a comparable brand. Like this one on Amazon:el Coated Cast Iron?

Enamel coating iron is also heavy which may be a positive or a negative depending on if you have other plans for the cookware such as protection against an intruder.

If you don’t have a sandwich or panini press you can use a preheated dutch oven or skillet.

Enamel coating iron also has a lower thermal conductivity when compared to simple cast iron; many chefs use the time it will take to heat up an enamel coating iron Dutch oven and complete other tasks in the meantime.

These skillets are also more expensive than traditional cast iron, particularly when you compare well-known brand names, like Le Creuset. However, if you can find these skillets at flea markets, thrift stores or from an aging relative, you may be able to save some money.

But, thankfully well known names like Lodge and other cookware brands have gotten into the enamel coating iron game. Which is great considering the high prices of some of the imported pieces.

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