Ground Coat Enamel Frits

Enamels are glassy ceramic coatings applied to metals or to ceramics. Enamels can be applied to mild steel sheets fabricated in the shapes of plates, mugs, bowls, cook and serve ware and other cooking and eating utensils such as sauce pans or frying pans and pressure cookers, to give a surface that s both protective and decorative.

However, for the enamel to bond to the metal, the metal surface has to be cleaned thoroughly , etched in acid, and then washed thoroughly to remove all traces of acid, neutralised and dried before the ground (or primer) coat is applied, dried, and then baked on at temperatures ranging from 840 to 880 deg. The ground coat enamel is usually bluish-black to black in colour, and a 2nd coat of white or coloured (frit, mixed with colour) has to be applied, to give the products an attractive finish.

Enamelling on steel is also used for long-lasting outdoor signboards, grain silos, water tanks, and, in general, wherever steel has to be protected from water, wind, weather, or even from mineral acids! our ground coat enamel frit is probably the best manufactured, and easily as good as imported frits. Our economy ground coat frit is almost equally good.

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